Top Tips for Building Strength with Home Workouts

Top Tips for Building Strength with Home Workouts

For those of you training at home and lacking a variety of equipment, I don’t want you to feel discouraged, I got you! That’s why I created Fitzone30 during the midst of the Pandemic. After my gym shutdown our limited access forced us to flip our routine. The benefits of this program is that you can workout from home or at the gym with minimal equipment – dumbbells only! I want you to feel confident and challenged going into these workouts and here are THE BEST tips to ensure you do. 

When to know if you need to increase weight.

If your last few reps are slow and strenuous then you’re probably using the right level of resistance (aka weight). If you find yourself flying through the set with the last few reps just as easy as the first few reps, then it’s time to add some more weight. When you can perform all reps and sets with perfect and proper form and still have enough juice for more reps, then it is time to go up in weight. 

Make strength training at home more effective regardless of what equipment you may or may not have:

  • Increase your range of motion (example: sit deeper in your squats, allow for full range of motion with your bicep curls. Full range of motion demands more work for your muscles. 
  • Elevate your feet. Elevating your front foot in a Stationary lunge allows for more range of motion and better targets the glutes and quadriceps 
  • Elevate both your feet when doing a sumo squat for more focus and contraction in the glutes. 
  • Elevate your hands in a push up for fuller range of motion. 
  • Squats descend and lower into the squat taking 4 to 5 seconds to get your thighs parallel to the floor. Pause for a second at the bottom then spend 4 or 5 seconds pushing back to standing. 
  • If you are speeding through your workouts chances are you are not giving enough “time under tension” to develop and tone your muscles. A simple strategy is to slow the movements down. Checkout our Fitzone30 workouts in our mobile training app for desired rep ranges, tempo suggestions along with the ability to add more rounds and track the progress of your workouts. 

Importance of Pulse & Pauses

You can make lighter weight heavier when increasing the time under tension as mentioned above. Pulse reps and pauses add more isolated activation allowing you to engage all the key target muscles. This is an exceptional hack to maximize fatigue and encourage lean muscle growth.

The Start-Stop Rep, unlike a pulse, is a pause. This will completely allow you to stop at the bottom of the rep so you’ll need to use more force to get the movement going again. Two examples of this are: hand release push ups where you actually turn off your chest muscles before putting your hands back on the floor to push back up.  The box squat starts at a full seated position on a chair, bench, or box before standing back up. 


Supersets are back-to-back exercises that increase lean muscle tone, boost cardiovascular health and whip you into shape in no time.  Supersets will greatly help you save time in the gym along with boosting your calorie burn. Working two or more muscle groups back to back with no rest can help fatigue your muscles so you feel challenged.

Superset Gym Program available on our mobile training app – click here to access!

Increase Reps

When we want to make an exercise more challenging, the first thing we tend to do is add weight but adding more reps is also an option. Oftentimes when we strength train at home adding more weight isn’t an option but it can be just as beneficial to increase your rep range. 

Exercise Bands

Exercise loop bands and long bands for the whole workout. You can add them to lunges, squats, bridges, push ups, shoulder presses and more.  Simultaneously holding weights and bands is definitely a great way to increase the challenge and build more strength at home or at the gym. 

Each of these methods can be used interchangeably and simultaneously with home or gym workouts.  Keep these tips in your back pocket so you don’t feel discouraged and get ready to show this week what you are made of! Let’s get it! 


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